Creativity Affirmation Poem by Alex Elle

May 28, 2019

Creativity Affirmation Poem

As I lean into the woman I want to be,
I am making space for free-flowing creative energy.

Unrestricted. Unscathed. Unbothered.

I am giving myself space to ripen and become whole. Sour & sweet. Full of flavor & hard work. Because rushing the fruits of my labor will not serve the greater good.

They say exceptional things take practice and patience, so I dig and sow and wait, sorting through old and new, hurt and healing, my truth and theirs, until the conditions are perfect for blooming.

And as I bite my tongue, longing for the words to sprout, I humbly sit back, breathe deeply into my
belly of becoming and exhale all of the patience
pent up in my body.

Uncertain. Unknown. Uncontrolled.

The best environment for my art
and the unfurling of the stories I carry down my spine sits in the depths of undoing.

I am learning that a fruitful life is often a
slow journey begging for understanding in the midst of chaos and tangled tales, hoping we come after them if they pass us by.

As I lean into the woman I am,
I trust there is beauty in a slow bloom,
and I must show reverence to all that
will cut through the surface of my creative heart.

Alex Elle 

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Photography by Erika Layne 

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