Creativity & Wearable Pieces Of Art With Lucy Folk

October 29, 2018

For me, there are a handful of women who come to mind when thinking about my ultimate creative role models. Lucy Folk is one of those women. Lucy Folk is an Australian designer who creates beautiful pieces of art in the form of jewelry and fashion. I love that Lucy Folk is described as, “a lifestyle brand that effortlessly transforms the creative mindset into wearable pieces of art.” How cool is that?

What first drew me to Lucy’s work was undoubtedly her perfectly pink La Playa store and her unique, funky designs, but what made a lasting impression on me was how everything is taken into consideration with each collection. The colors, the vibe, the music, the way it will translate into videos. It’s a production and each one truly unique. I admire artists who get lost in their work, and Lucy truly embodies that.

Lucy has incredible personal style and you’ve probably Pinned images of her home before without knowing it. Currently, Lucy is based in Paris and works remotely with her team in Australia. I was lucky to get to pick her brain about creativity and what it means to her.

Images by to Nikki To courtesy of Lucky Folk.  

“[Lucy Folk] is a lifestyle brand that effortlessly transforms the creative mindset into wearable pieces of art.”

Tell me a little about yourself? How did you get to where you are today? 

I come from a very creative family. I took jewelry-making classes when I was at school—I thrived being in the Art Room. I went to RMIT University in Melbourne and received a Bachelor of Fine Art majoring in Gold and Silversmithing. I worked with my cousin Arabella Ramsay and made jewelry collections for her fashion brand and was lucky to be a part of some beautiful gallery spaces in Melbourne showcasing my designs.  

What is creativity to you? Do you consider yourself to be creative? Why or why not? 

Creativity is the ability to express yourself and your imagination through different mediums. I am a creative at heart. It’s what I know best! It’s part of my makeup. Everyone in my family is creative. 

What is the first thing you notice about someone? 

Their smile and laugh. Plus, their jewels. 

Where do you get inspired?

Everywhere! Travel has been an important source of inspiration. Being based in Paris means that something incredibly special happens every day. Nature is a huge source of inspiration, too. I have designed many collections on the beach! 

“You have to make mistakes to learn and further yourself personally and professionally. I have had creative blocks before. This does pass when you give yourself the space to think again and surrender the pressure you place on yourself.”

If your creative work were edible, what would it taste like?

They were once almost edible—my first collections were based on my love of food and eating! Think watermelons, tacos, rice, the list goes on. I think they would taste bitter with a bit of sweetness involved! Like dark chocolate or matcha! 

What is your favorite color? What color describes you? 

Anything blue—the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Pacific, Adriatic… Being by the ocean, sun on my face, sand in my feet and salt water is the greatest. I live an endless summer!

Do you think that creativity involves putting your heart and soul into your work? Or is it more like letting your mind flow freely to witness the surprising results of your actions?

It’s a bit of both. I think you have to put your heart and soul into everything you do. I do find that I come up with a lot of my ideas when I am meditating!

Were you ever discouraged? If so, how did it affect your creativity?

Yes, but this is part of the process and how you grow. You have to make mistakes to learn and further yourself personally and professionally. I have had creative blocks before. This does pass when you give yourself the space to think again and surrender the pressure you place on yourself. 

What do you do to keep yourself motivated and interested in your work?

There is never a dull moment. I work very closely with my team back in Australia, so I wake up to a full inbox that keeps me going. I challenge myself creatively. Take on new rolls that feed my designs and further my knowledge of the industry, materials and environment. 

Have you ever doubted your talent? If so, how did you work through your doubt?

Of course. You just have to keep plugging away. Patience is very important. You need to know how to deal with failure and risk. What’s the worst that can happen?

If you could choose a theme song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Tomorrow Never Knows – The Beatles.

Do you think that creativity is part of human nature or is it something that must be nurtured and learned? 

I think it’s part of human nature. Everyone is creative in their own way. There are different levels of creativity, and to continue to strive, you need to keep learning and challenging yourself. 

What kind of things do you do to get your “creative juices” flowing?

Walk around, take little things in, sit in a park, go to a gallery or exhibition, eat somewhere delicious, read books, look on Instagram…just live! 

Do you believe that each person has the capacity to be creative? Why?

Yes. Everyone is creative in their own way. 

How do you deal with creativity blocks? 

Breathe, meditate, distract myself, be with friends, go outside, just live and relinquish pressure and expectations of oneself to always be on and creating! 

How do you measure success? 

I don’t really. I think if you are happy and healthy, that is the main objective in life. I love what I do. 

3 films or shows to watch to get inspired?

Anything by Wes Anderson
Anything by Luca Guadagnino
Nowness films

How do you usually start with a new collection? Do you have a creative process? 

I come up with the concept for the collection. This can be inspired by an exhibition, a song, a feeling, architecture, a collaboration. It’s communicated through references, text and conversations with the team. We then create mood boards and start to design each piece. I am always thinking of the campaign when designing. Creating the first and end pieces of the puzzle is one of the most important things—this is what brings everything together for me. The team comes back to me with their ideas and we brainstorm and finesse. The studio begins to work on the designs. We will look at the color palette and shapes—sampling is intensive. We make all of the sample jewelry collections in house with the master jeweler and team. We then look at the collection, and eliminate what isn’t strong enough. We shoot still life, on the body and then we do the campaign. I work closely with the photographer and stylist, and we come up with the concept and the art direction. The campaign is produced in house and we work very far in advance. The thing is that you have to stick to the timeline to ensure the business is a well-oiled machine and we deliver on time. When we shoot the collection, everything comes to life. That small moment is the best! 

You work with a lot of artists to bring your designs to life. How do you find people you are inspired by? 

Anywhere and everywhere! I found Luke Edward Hall, a British illustrator through my GM who pointed him out on Instagram. We collaborated on my latest collection, Salacia, the Roman Goddess of the Sea (hint, hint: sea again!). He drew mystical creatures and then my team incorporated them into our designs through various processes such as milling. I love Carmen D’Apollonio’s work, too. I follow a lot of artists on Instagram. I am very fond of Miquel Barceló’s ceramic work at the moment. 

Most treasured item you own? 

My new dining table or my anchovy/dough cuff combination! 

You can follow Lucy on her Instagram and her website

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