Fall Mixtape Vol.2

September 22, 2020

Happy first day of fall —my favorite season! As a glorified homebody, I love to be cozy. I wrote a post about this a couple of years ago (with helpful tips for extra coziness). There’s nothing I like more than a crisp, chilly evening where I’m snug on the couch reading a book. It’s also my favorite season for making playlists. Listening to a thoughtfully curated mixtape on a lovely, fall day is a real delight.

I was a teenager in the ’90s, and making someone a mixtape was an art form and an act of admiration. The mixtape can articulate feelings and tone in ways words can’t. I carefully chose the songs and their order —with close attention to the rise and fall of tempo changes and energy shifts. I was telling a story through the compilation of these songs. The goal was to transport the listener and evoke a mood. Now that music is mainly listened to digitally, the mixtape is a lost art form. Except for those of us who can’t let go of the romantic feelings that a well-curated playlist elicits. While I can’t easily make them on cassette tapes or CDs these days, I’ve been making them on Spotify —it’s very therapeutic and nostalgic.

My new Fall Mixtape Vol. 2 (you can listen to Vol.1 here), is over two hours long! I usually edit my playlists down, but I decided this season calls for a longer set —one you can play in the background of a relaxing, fall day.

Here a few of my favorite songs from this playlist: 

Katchi by Nick Waterhouse (feat. Leon Bridges): The playlist kicks off with a banger from two very talented artists.

Softly by Sibylle Baier: Dreamy folk music at its finest.

The Heavy People by Kate Bush: So wonderfully weird

Harvest Moon by Neil Young: A fall classic. I include it in all my autumnal playlists. It’s one of my favorite songs ever.