Gold Dust Woman on Super 8

September 9, 2019


Super 8 – Gold Dust Woman from taylor sterling on Vimeo.

I finally got back my footage from my first attempt at filming video on my vintage Super 8mm camera. I have to admit, it’s very nerve-racking not knowing what your footage will look like or if it will even develop at all. Yet, I was thrilled at the chance to play with a new format.

I’m happy with the results. Of course, there are things I would do differently. First, I would film more. With Super 8,¬†you only get 3 minutes per-roll of film. Because of this, I didn’t shoot any scene for very long for fear of running out of footage. I shot two rolls of film (six minutes). While this is plenty for a two-minute final video, I think I would have liked even more to chose from. Second, I would have told the model to slow down in some shots so there wasn’t so much movement in every frame. I think I would have also directed her to do more looking at the camera. Although, I was also styling and co-directing the film photos being taken, so I didn’t want to spend too much time and energy worrying about this video. Especially since it just for fun.

I think that this camera shoots beautifully in good daylight. However, I don’t mind our dark and moody scenes at sunset. This video hasn’t been color edited, so this is the actual film on its own.

To see the film photos of this shoot head to Gold Dust Woman. You can see more of my work and other videos here.