Gold Dust Woman

August 21, 2019

“Rock on ancient queen. Follow those who pale in your shadow.” —Fleetwood Mac

Finally I have new work to show you! It’s been over a year since my bestie and amazing photographer Emily Scott and I were able to join forces again to make some magic. We do this purely for the love of it. There’s nothing quite like making things with friends. Did you do that when you were young? I did it often. Which is probably why it’s now my job. My girlfriends and I used to put on dance performances, make music videos and do our own little photo shoots. I’m glad Youtube and Instagram weren’t around yet or there would be even more interesting content of me on the Internet. It was all great fun though and still is. I want to do it more!

This shoot was inspired by our love for the golden sunsets of summer. We wanted to capture light in various ways. We also wanted to style Em’s vintage from her shop Encourage Vintage. I did most of the styling, but Em always helps. We kept it really minimal. I wanted the light to be the star.

We hiked almost 40 minutes uphill at sunset to capture the best light. We were so engrossed in our work that we left a little late and had to hike back in the dark while the park was closed. Let’s just say the four of us were holding each other, singing and acting overly happy to stay positive and scare off any mountain lions!

It ended up being an Anne of Green Gables meets Florence Welch album cover —which I’m here for. I experimented with a Super 8mm camera and I can’t wait to see what comes of it. If it turns out I will share it with you soon.

“There you go again turning golden. Right there in front of me. I can’t even seem to fight it. You’re always going gold again for me.” —Becca Mancari

“And golden lady, golden lady. I’d like to go there. Golden lady, golden lady. I’d like to go there. Take me right away” —Stevie Wonder

Art Direction, Styling and iPhone photos: Me
Film Photography: Emily Scott 
Photo Assistant: Gina Foti 
Model: Talia Bailey 
Wardrobe: Encourage Vintage, my Lumiere Locket collection, and Arq.

To see more photos from this shoot + behind the scenes head to my Portfolio.

If you ever would like to work with Em and me on content creation please email me at and you can visit my art direction account @LolaJayne.