Lumiere Lockets

Rooted in the idea that every woman has a story to tell, fine jewelry designer Ariel Gordon and Taylor Sterling, founder of Glitter Guide, created the Lumière Locket capsule collection, born from their decade-long friendship. 

The pair discovered they shared a love for vintage jewels and instantly realized they wanted to partner to make an updated version of the classic locket. Designed for today’s modern girl on the go, these solid gold lockets are embellished with soft scallops that feel both playful and timeless…perfect for carrying your most cherished memories close to you daily. For another layer of personalization, you also have the option of adding a hand-engraved feminine script to the back, creating a piece that is truly made for you.

The ability to commemorate life’s special moments and milestones through jewelry was a concept that resonated with both Taylor and Ariel. Taylor shares,

“I was given my first locket at 16. I still have it today and cherish it. I love the idea of keeping what’s special to you close to your heart.” 

Ariel Gordon Jewelry has long been a destination for those looking to adorn themselves with highly personal jewelry that is symbolic of treasured moments, and this collaboration takes that concept one step further. Ariel shares,

“I’m no longer limited to a monogram or a line of poetry,” explains Ariel. “Now I can wear actual images of my family close to me.”

“Partnering with Taylor was such a treat. She lives in the Bay (my new-found home) and it’s a true full-circle moment for us— Glitter Guide was one of the first interviews I ever did almost a decade ago! Taylor really is the sweetest. She has the best taste. She loves vintage jewels. We moved through the various stages of inspiration, design, sampling and production very quickly and naturally. I’m also really proud that we figured out how to make these from scratch, by hand, in LA. From a sourcing and production standpoint, this is no small feat and I’m so proud of my team that we were able to make such high-quality jewelry at such a palatable price point.”

The collection will be sold exclusively on starting on October 18. Stay tuned!