Flashes Of Delight Filters

A Color Story is a popular photo-editing app known for its bold, bright and colorful preset filters. The company reached out to me to help create a new style for them. One that was more muted, soft and neutral, but that still held to its standard for enhancing the original photo with bright and beautiful color tones. I immediately started creating mood boards for the various filters. I wanted them to feel like me, but also Glitter Guide. I wanted the filters to brighten the photos, but softly and with a glow that didn’t feel too saturated. I also liked the idea of them having subtle changes from filter to filter with only a few that were a bit more dramatic (like an orange or pink glow). We ended up with 14 amazing filters that I’m so proud of and have already thoroughly enjoyed using.

I worked with a few amazing women to help create original photography to use for this collection and promotion. I teamed with Lisa Buhler of Lisa Says Gah, Haley Boyd of Marais USA and photographer Jeannette Lee, photographer Emily Scott, Alex Noiret and Cassidy Frietas, Lace and Likes and Dulcet Creative. Their work truly brought this project to life and I can’t wait to share more of it with you soon.

Each filter was named after various women (real or fictional) in my life who inspire me.