Tubby Todd Holiday Noel

These fun Limited Edition Tubby Noel bottles are a Glitter Guide X Tubby Todd collaboration. I worked with the Tubby Todd team to bring to life a vintage French theme with a modern twist.

You can read more about the process on Glitter Guide.

Learn more about the products here:

Tubby Todd has bottled up fresh cranberry, warm citrus, and cozy vanilla to create three signature winter time scents because we know your family will LOVE. Cranberry Mandarin Everyday Lotion smells like a warm, festive holiday party. (Yes, the scent you loved so much the last two years, Cranberry Mandarin, we brought it back!) Vanilla Spice Hair & Body Wash smells like fresh baked Christmas cookies paired with simmering spiced apple cider. Citrus Jojoba Bubble Bath smells like a warm citrus candle flickering on a chilly winter’s night. Plant-based and natural, our extra special limited-edition scents are safe for even the tiniest newborns.

  • Comes in signature Basics Bundle Box with craft paper
  • Extra gentle for the tiniest newborn and toddler faces
  • Safe for even the most sensitive skin
  • Hair & Body Wash has been Pediatrician and Dermatologist tested
  • Formulated with natural & organic ingredients
  • The bundle includes one 8.4 fl oz bottle of Hair & Body Wash, one 8.4 fl oz bottle of Everyday Lotion, and one 8.4 fl oz Bubble Bath
  • Made in the USA
  • Natural fragrances made from essential oils and plant extracts

You can buy them this holiday season at Tubby Todd!