2020 Reflections & Intentions

January 27, 2020

A note to myself:

This decade is a clean slate; full of potential delights and discoveries. I will leave behind fears and failures from the past ten years. I will stop worrying so much about the future and revel in the present. I will continue to work on being intentional about how I spend my time and energy. I will be thoughtful about my choices. I will show up. And above all, I will treat people with kindness, especially myself.

I must admit, I started 2020 thinking I was going to be so organized on this site. I was going to map out an editorial calendar and prep my newsletter in advance. It’s now closing in on the end of January and I did none of those things. Instead of beating myself up, I gave myself grace. I knew I would get to it when it felt right.

I’ve had time to really sit with my thoughts and decide what to give energy to in 2020. I debated not sharing my intentions this year, but I know that reading other peoples’ lists can be motivating.

If you’re looking for more details about how I set intentions check out my 2019 post.

I’m really proud that last year I actively worked on almost all of my intentions. Looking back, I can see that presence and boundaries were a common theme. I definitely want to keep that going this year, but expand upon them even more. I found that creating this simple list of “more / less” and taping it above my desk was a gentle reminder every day of what my intentions are.

Here are my 2020 intentions:


  • active listening
  • family
  • exercise
  • rituals
  • recycling, composting, zero-waste
  • reading
  • meditation
  • activism
  • helping
  • savings
  • traveling
  • novelty
  • judgment
  • friendship
  • learning
  • cooking
  • creative fulfillment


  • excuses
  • phone-use
  • social media
  • sitting
  • clutter
  • procrastination
  • busyness
  • impulse purchases
  • emails
  • wine
  • guilt

I know this seems super simple and like it won’t have a real impact, but every time I see this list I think about what each thing means to me and why it’s something I want to be conscious of and change. I realize that these are long lists and it’s unlikely I will achieve everything, but I’m feeling optimistic. I’ve selected a few from each list to make bold to remind myself those are especially important to me this year.

I hope this year brings you whatever it is that you’re wishing for. Let’s make this our best year yet!

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