Setting Intentions In The New Year

January 3, 2019

I think most of us can say we don’t really do resolutions. Right? That’s the thing to say these days and there is good reason for it. Most of the time, New Year’s resolutions don’t stick. I get that. I believe that every day is a NEW day to start again and to work on a goal. So for me, resolutions are happening all year long and evolving. Yet, there is something to these markers of time that help give us a fresh start. If that helps us knock out goals we’ve been wanting to achieve, that’s fine. The point is to not feel guilt and shame when dealing with your intentions or when reading about other people’s.

Personally, I like to make a list of my intentions every season and think about what I want to keep the same, what I want more of and what I want less of. Keep it simple. No deadlines or master plans. Some of my goals may be grand and some may be small. The essence is in the simplicity. I know this may sound contrary to how you should plan to achieve goals. Having an actionable plan does help, but I like a simple list.

Our goals shouldn’t feel like a burden, but instead, spark joy. We’re taking control of our lives and that feels good.

Yours, Roxanne 

In 2019, my intentions are pretty similar to last year. The theme is self-love. Taking care of myself without guilt. If I take care of my needs, that has a positive effect that trickles down into everything else I do, and I’m able to be more present and open to everything in my life.

I don’t dwell on the past. I reflect on the year and its ups and downs and then let it go. I allow myself the freedom to step into new experiences and intentions, and not hold grudges with people or more importantly myself. It’s something I’ve worked hard to be comfortable with. I think being close to 40 years old helps.

Here is my list for 2019: 


  • exercise
  • family time
  • vegetables
  • positive talk
  • listening
  • books
  • music / records
  • nature / dog walks
  • growing plants / flowers / food
  • hugs
  • hand-holding
  • learning
  • friendship
  • savings
  • real camera photos / printing photos


  • eating junk
  • social media
  • phone use
  • judgement
  • mess
  • impulse purchases
  • worry
  • emails
  • busy work
  • pressure
  • comparison
  • wine
  • clutter

See, isn’t that simple? Julia Rothman inspired me to do this and I think it’s a brilliant way to remind yourself of your goals. Write them out and tape them wherever you will be reminded most.

Françoise Hardy at a record shop

If you’re looking for a few more details, I can share some things I started this past year that I’m bringing over to 2019.

We had a lot of clutter within the business at Glitter Guide over the past couple of years, and last year, we worked hard to clean them up and organize and streamline. It took a lot of time and patience, but now that things are clearer, it’s freed up time for me to think of the big picture and allowed me space to do more things I love. The biggest was getting back into a fitness routine. I’ve always been active and love exercise. However, when I had my two kids it became harder to make time for it. Toward the end of last year, I finally carved out time in my routine to work out from home for 45 minutes, three times a week. It feels incredible. I’m 10 pounds heavier than before I had my son and honestly, that is OK with me. I just want to feel good about my health and know that I’m taking care of myself.


The theme is self-love.


I started a major de-cluttering kick last year and I’m still going strong. I’ve done almost every room in the house! It’s addicting. I read The Joy of Less and also Simplicity Parenting. Both inspired me to live with less clutter and simplify. Glitter Guide posted a checklist for decluttering, which is super helpful. Also, cleaning guru and minimalist, Marie Kondo, just launched her much-anticipated Netflix series “Tidying Up”, which I will be devouring later tonight.

I cleaned my inbox last year for the first time ever, which has been life-changing. It takes constant upkeep, though. Every month, I like to go in and unsubscribe from anything that doesn’t bring me joy. I totally recommend that.

I plan to be kinder to the planet this year. I posted a list of easy ways we can all do our part on my Instagram. You guys had some great suggestions, too.

I hope to reduce buying fast fashion whenever possible. I started making an effort toward this in 2018 and want to take it even further this year. I found I was spending way too much on things that I never wore or that I tossed or donated after just one wear. So wasteful. I started buying more vintage (something I’ve always advocated for) and I save money to put toward more high-quality, well-made, sustainable fashion. Or I buy from small businesses that I love and admire. I plan to share a directory of all my favorite shops soon. What’s been most challenging about this is my kids. They grow out of their clothes so fast and they get their clothes so grubby! It’s hard to find clothes at a price-point that I feel comfortable trashing. I also don’t like forcing my kids to only wear things I pick for them. So there is a tricky balance with their clothes that I’m still navigating. I would love to know where you shop for your kids if you’re making an effort toward more sustainable fashion.

I’m really optimistic about 2019. I know there will be the usual ups and downs, but there is positive magic in the air that I hope we all get a strong whiff of.