Taylor Sterling for Encourage Vintage

May 8, 2019

ts x ev

Today my vintage edit for Encourage Vintage has arrived! This was such a fun project. Not only did I get to work with one of my best friends, but we got to play dress-up with vintage clothing.

If you didn’t know, Em is a fantastic photographer (She’s been featured here a few times). She recently launched a passion project, Encourage Vintage. I love the mantra behind her brand: encourage women, encourage sustainability, encourage vintage.

Vintage Lover

I’ve always had a love of thrifting and vintage. In middle school and high school, it was all I would wear.  My middle school graduation outfit was a vintage kimono-style dress in hyper-color flowers. I wore it with neon yellow fishnets and black combat boots (it felt bold for a 13-year-old). I’m thankful that my parents were always OK with letting me be me.

In high school, I hardly ever wore dresses. I remember a boy in my class telling me I’d be prettier if I wore girlier clothes, which only fueled my fire to dress even more how I wanted. My uniform was a pair of purple polyester grandpa pants, high-top Vans and vintage graphic t-shirts from Goodwill. Gradually, I did end up wearing more feminine pieces, but it was because I wanted to.

I hope this collection if a reflection of that, that the clothes feel accessible. We wanted the pieces to work seamlessly into your contemporary wardrobe. There are various sizes and a few awesome accessories that you better snag before I do!

Big thanks to Ashley Kelemen of Studio Etincelle for helping us create these photos! Film & digital photos by Em.

Shop the collection here. You can also listen to our groovy spring playlist inspired by the edit here.

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