My Wallpaper Collection For Lulu & Georgia

February 7, 2019

I’m thrilled that TODAY my wallpaper collection for Lulu & Georgia has finally launched! It’s been such a fun experience to make these for you guys. We’ve poured a ton of time and love into them. The collection consists of three wallpapers. There is the Pastel Waves, Starburst Hexagon in Blue and Starburst Hexagon in Blush. All three were inspired by my love of vintage design, especially from the Art Deco period.

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Read on to learn about the design of the collection. You can use the hashtag #TSxLG on Instagram to see photos of the papers. We have some amazing stores and businesses that are styling them soon!

Photography by Jazmin Monet

Back in 2015, Lulu & Georgia and I designed The Elodie Rug. It was a dream to work on that with them and it has been really popular, which has been a joy to see. We quickly started working on new product ideas, and immediately I knew I wanted to design wallpapers. What says vintage style more than a wallpaper?

This was in 2016, which is kind of nuts. You wouldn’t think designing wallpapers would take so long, but it was fairly new for both L&G and me, and since we live in different cities, it took a lot of emails, phone calls and mailing designs to get things right. Plus, Sara of L&G and I both had babies since then, so we’ve been pretty busy. We also had two more designs we worked on that aren’t in this collection. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes.

We start with a mood board. I map out the styles, colors and vibes of the overall collection. We start brainstorming some of our favorite ideas from the mood board and their design team starts drafting some first drafts for me to review. The inspiration is taken from all over—a color from a bag, vintage tiles from a book, the beauty of Japanese waves, art deco influences, the list goes on. There is a lot of editing. We had a beautiful floral inspired by one of my favorite vintage plates, but after much consideration, I felt it didn’t match the feel of the rest of the papers. As hard as it can be to let go of a design you’ve worked hard on, you have to be ruthless with what will be the finished products.

We worked hard to get a metallic finish on the Hexagon wallpapers that wouldn’t look too shiny. That took some time. It also meant that we chose high-quality paper and we couldn’t make it removable (maybe in the future!).

The Pastel Waves is my personal favorite. The ocean is very important to my family. We like to head to the beach every weekend that we can. I also have a vintage bag from the ’20s that has Japanese wave embroidery and I was always thinking that it would make for a groovy wallpaper. I think it would look really fun in a bathroom or office!

The idea for the Starburst Hexagon wallpapers came from my lust for vintage art deco tiles in my home, but since I’m renting, I can’t have any. That got me thinking that a wallpaper version would be a fun alternative. While it’s still a big decision to wallpaper a room, it’s a lot easier and affordable than tile. I love the baby blue hue. It feels fresh, but I know the blush will be really feminine and pretty, too.

Starburst Hexagon, Blue

Pastel Waves

Starburst Hexagon, Blush

I really hope you love it. Please share if you end up using any. It means the world to me!