The IT List

February 5, 2019

It’s been a while since I did my last IT List. I don’t want pressure to post them every single week. I want them to genuinely be a list of things that are currently on my radar. I’ve been into spending evenings scouring Etsy & eBay for vintage goodies to add to my home and wardrobe. It’s probably my favorite hobby. I save way more items into my favorites than I ever buy, but it’s fun to hunt.

Here are some things on my list right now:

Valet Hair Clips 

Being a ’90s kid means I’m so into this kitsch trend. Anyone remember Rayanne Graff? Those shell ones need to be mine.

I discovered this on Tumblr. It made me smile by its delightful weirdness. From,  “What Is Glitter?
A Strange Journey to the Glitter Factory.” Caity Weaver for The New York Times. 

I can’t stop wearing these & Other Stories white pants. They are very Jesse Kamm. I wanted to test out the style before investing, and I’m very into them.

Also wearing: The Deep End Club tee, Freda Salvador shoes with Ariel Gordon Jewelry name plates, and the Lumière Locket.

Sight Unseen featured this wonderful soap dish by the artist Object and Totem. I think this one would look so groovy with a Wary Meyers soap!

The vintage mushroom lamp trend is in full-force and I’m here for it. I found this one on eBay and it’s the prettiest baby blue. I can’t wait to style it.

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