Vote Your Change

October 30, 2018

Daya Vaidya


My friend Morgan Pansing is an incredible photographer, but also an incredible human. She recently started the Vote Your Change campaign alongside many other passionate and brave women. It’s truly inspiring and something I wanted to fully support. I asked Morgan to share a little bit about why they started it and how we can get involved.

“After witnessing the Kavanaugh hearings I was devastated and heartbroken and REALLY PISSED off.  I had wanted to create images that reflect this time in which we are living and made a political statement for awhile.  And after witnessing the blatant display of misogyny and patriarchy that confirmed Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I knew that I could not remain silent.  I met with my dear friends and amazing activists Lulu Brud (@ladyluofthewolves) and Gabrielle Weissman (@gabweiss) and we created our Vote Your Change campaign (@voteyourchange).  Visually inspired by the Civil Right’s Movement and the Women’s Marches, we gathered together our community of women in Los Angeles to make our voices heard, because together we can create change.” — Morgan Pansing 

This will be an ongoing project as we have a huge election coming up in 2020.  If you want to be involved you can email us at

You can also visit to learn more about voting. Vote on November 6th!

Head to Vote Your Change to see more inspiring women.

Sophie Assa

Priscilla Vega

Paige Appel 

Betsy Simon 

A campaign committed to giving women a voice and getting the vote out.

Mecca Cox

Ashley & Emily & their children

Leela & Teddy

Beth Gibbs